Our Mission Statement

Furrow Management Systems Australia is a Western Australian based preferred service and solution based company. Our primary area of expertise is the agricultural application market ensuring that product is delivered to the furrow and the target zone in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Our focus is on helping the grower make the most out of equipment already on the property and offering sound advice for new purchases, both in the machine and technology markets. Farm fertilisers, crop protection, soil amelioration and chemicals are the biggest cost to the industry. Technology and improved techniques are there but not always utilised efficiently.

Furrow Management have put together a team of experts with many years of experience in the agricultural markets, manufacturing of complimentary components, upgrading existing systems for imporved performance, data recovery and the sales of most supply parts required for any upgrades.

The company has been designed to be a complimentary advisory and technology supplier to all machinery dealers, agricultural resellers, as well as the growers across Western Australia. Furrow Management Systems Australia was formed to combine unique skill sets across the industry in order to deliver the best possible machine based results to our customers.

Company History

Furrow Management Systems Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned company that was created in June 2016 as a result of industry people being frustrated with the lack of expertise across a wide range of application techniques.

It was apparent that there was great benefit to the industry if there was clear communication between growers, agricultural resellers, product manufacturers, and machine and technology specialists. By combining knowledge from different areas of expertise we would be able to deliver a new type of service and support to the industry and bridge gaps that frustrate growers.

What We Bring to the Market

The Furrow Management team bring a wide range of specialty skills, together in one company, we are offering service and support to the industry that is unlike any other in the WA market. FMSA is collaborating with growers, agricultural resellers, product manufacturers and machinery dealers to fill the service and information gaps that currently exist in the market.

The product and services that FMSA has to offer the market include:

  • Furrow Injection Modules
  • Friction Flow tubing
  • Topcon Reseller and Repair Services
  • John Deere Vehicle Integration Kits
  • Liquid Carts
  • Liquid Filling and Transfer Systems
  • Arag Parts Distribution
  • Seletron Sales and Support
  • Assist with ISO compatibility across all major equipment brands
  • Not only are we able to sell the products and services listed above, but FMSA has the knowledge and field experience to backup and support our recommendations and sales. Whole farm designs, upgrades, retrofits and redesigns are available on request.