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ABOUT Friction Flow™

Friction Flow™ Liquid Injection Systems

Furrow MSA specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of unique and specialised liquid systems. Our signature Friction Flow™ back end systems and components are designed to furrow inject liquid fertiliser, trace elements, inoculants, fungicides, soil wetters and other fluid products at seeding time.

Friction Flow™ products are configured not only to achieve effective liquid delivery for seeder bars, planters and tool bars, but also to optimise the performance of every element in the system. The in-furrow application equipment from Furrow MSA helps farmers increase soil productivity, boost yields and save on inputs to maximise profits.

How are these real-world gains accomplished? Furrow MSA has a unique liquid delivery system that will reduce system failure due to blockages and high system pressures. Our signature Friction Flow™ tubing is a fantastic example of the philosophy behind FMSA’s product range, and how it provides superior results for Australian growers.


How Does Friction Flow™ Work?

In today’s business, downtime costs money. Friction Flow™ is FMSA’s industry-proven solution, applying an engineering-based approach to create a new generation of liquid fertiliser delivery system.

FMSA’s advanced friction-induced back-pressure tubing effectively eliminates potential blockages, saving you precious time and money and underwriting profitability for growers.

Rather than a small restriction point – like an orifice plate or in-line restrictors – Friction Flow™ uses a larger internal diameter tubing over distance to create an accurate and even metering system. This unique design gives Friction Flow™ a greater range of application rates and minimal chance of blocking using more complex liquid product combinations.

That’s exactly what Furrow Management Systems Australia does best – find solutions to the biggest frustrations facing Australian growers. We aim to take costly hassles out of the equation, offering our customers a planting and seeding experience that truly flows.


Features & Benefits of Friction Flow™ Liquid Injection Systems

The benefits of Friction Flow™ liquid systems don’t end there. From the beginning, our vision was simple – to raise the standards of knowledge and application in the industry, ensuring that the products you invest in actively support your profitability.

All Friction Flow™ tubing is manufactured from the highest-grade nylon, selected for its chemical resistance and UV stability. It also demonstrates superior wall strength to prevent kinking, crushing or internal distortion, both in use and in storage.

Only genuine Friction Flow™ offers the highest level of UV stability and chemical & fertiliser resistance on the market. Australia’s best liquid delivery systems.

Friction Flow™ comes in three standard sizes internally; 1.2mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm. Each tube size maintains the same external width of 6mm. 1.5mm Green and 2mm Red Friction Flow™ tubing can also be supplied as a “Suzi” spring coil design to wrap around existing delivery hosing.

When paired with FMSA’s manifold system, Friction Flow™ holds liquid right to the tip of the tube with no drips or dribbles. It’s the precise, regulated, accurate in-furrow liquid delivery solution.


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Friction Flow™ Back End Systems – Superior Liquid Delivery

Friction Flow™ Back End Systems are a fully modular distribution solution for seeder bars, planters and tool bars. Back end systems are available in several variations to ensure accurate, trouble-free liquid application that suits your requirements.

Being robust and fully flexible, the Friction Flow™ Back End System provides the highest quality and accurate technology on the market. Each element has been designed with care, and no detail is overlooked. The smallest components of a liquid system are often taken for granted, but at Furrow MSA, we see opportunities for improvement everywhere.

The results? Australia’s most advanced liquid distribution system. Fully modular, fully customisable, with broad compatibility across an enormous range of Precision Ag technology products.

Complete backend systems are ready to purchase in kit form for easy installation, or can be retrofitted to existing systems. Friction Flow™ kits are easily adaptable to existing liquid kits to improve liquid delivery efficiency, giving you the ultimate freedom of choice.


Anatomy of a Friction Flow™ Liquid Distribution System

Control System
Choose one of FMSA’s wide range of Control Systems, from manual “Set & Forget” to Auto Rate Control with section control capability.

Primary Flow Hose
High-grade hose manufactured in Australia and rated for chemical use. High chemical resistance and flexibility for ease of handling.

Primary Distribution Manifold
The first step to precisely divide your liquid across the machine.

Secondary Flow Hose
High-grade hose manufactured in Australia and rated for chemical use. High chemical resistance and flexibility for ease of handling.

Secondary Distribution Manifold
The last step to precisely divide your liquid to each individual delivery point with incorporated non-drip check valves (tyne, disc, etc.). One outlet per delivery point required.

Friction Flow™ Distribution Tubing

Tubing connects the Secondary Distribution Manifolds with Friction Flow™ joiner on tyne.

Friction Flow™ Joiners

FMSA recommends the use of 6mm straight joiners for connecting Friction Flow™ Distribution Tubing to Friction Flow™

Friction Flow™ Tubing

The key to executing trouble-free liquid handling. Available in a range of sizes and Suzi Coils.

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How Does A Friction Flow™ Liquid Distribution System Work?

The base layout is a primary manifold and multiple secondary distribution manifolds. These manifolds can be assembled to any combination as they are made from multiple pin lock components with Viton seal. All hardware, clamps and mounts are 316 stainless steel for long life and anti-corrosion performance.

This layout can be upgraded for section control and individual tyne shut off without having to change or remove the existing components.

The combination of non-drip valves, push-fit fittings and the Friction Flow™ tubing holds liquid product to the very end of the tubing when shut off, with no drips and run-outs. This, in turn, provides instant and even shut off/start-up liquid flow for planting accuracy.

Hose sizing to the complete system has been designed to provide even flow across the entire implement, but also kept as small as possible to prevent the product from moving too slowly and settling in the system. This constant flow allows hygiene to be maintained to the highest standard. Fresh water flush is minimised using this design.


Friction Flow™ Tubing – Trouble-Free Liquid Handling

More friction, less flow; less friction, more flow.

Friction Flow™ Tube is the key to executing trouble-free liquid handling. Available in a range of sizes and our famous “Suzi-Coil” configuration for ease of installation.

Friction Flow™ tubing is provided in three internal diameter sizes, allowing the right rate ranges for whatever application is required.

Friction Flow™ tubing sizes are colour-coded for ease of use:

  • 1.2mm Blue
  • 1.5mm Green
  • 2mm Red

Both 1.5mm Green and 2mm Red Friction Flow™ tubing can also be supplied as a “Suzi” spring coil design to wrap around existing delivery hosing.

To find out more about the benefits of Friction Flow™ tubing or to place an order, get in touch with Furrow Management Systems Australia or your local dealer.

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We’re always happy to help calculate your optimal configuration and maximise your effective application rate range. If known, the following details will assist us in giving you the best possible advice:

  • Seeder Bar Width
  • Number Of Tynes
  • Intended Rate Range (L/HA)
  • Intended Speed (KM/H)
  • What Liquids Are You Using? (eg. Flexi-N, Trace Elements, Wetting Agents, etc.)
  • Number of Secondary Air Delivery Heads

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