In today's business, downtime costs money. Friction Flow tubing alleviates that problem. Rather than a small restriction point like an orifice plate or in-line restrictors, Friction Flow uses a larger internal diameter tubing over distance to create an accurate and even metering system. This unique design gives Friction Flow a greater range of application rates and minimal chance of blocking using more complex liquid product combinations.

Friction Flow Tubing


All Friction Flow tubing is manufactured from the highest grade nylon for its chemical resistance. UV stability and its wall strength to prevent kinking, crushing or internal distortion.

Friction Flow tubing is provided in three internal diameter sizes; 1.2mm Blue, 1.5mm Green and 2mm Red to allow the right rate ranges for whatever application is required.

Red Friction Flow tubing can be supplied as a "Suzi" spring coil design to wrap around existing delivery hosing.

Delivers a constant stream, to the end point of the tube for constant, precise liquid placement in-furrow.

Complete backend systems ready in kit form for easy installation or retro-fitted to existing systems.

Friction Flow Back End Systems are a fully modular distribution solution for seeder bars, planters and tool bars.

Being robust and fully flexible, the Friction Flow Back End System provides the highest quality and accurate technology on the market.

The base layout is a primary manifold and multiple secondary distribution manifolds. These manifolds can be assembled to any combination as they are made from multiple pin lock components with Viton seal.

This layout can be upgraded for section control, inividual tyne shut off without having to change or remove the existing components. All hardware, clamps and mounts are 316 stainless steel for long life and anti-corrosion.

The combination of non drip valves, push fit fittings and the Friction Flow tubing holds liquid product to the very end of the tubing when shut off with no drips and run outs. This in turn provides instant and even shut off/start up liquid flow for planting accuracy.

Hose sizing to the complete system has been designed to provide even flow across the entire implement but kept small as possible to prevent the product moving too slowly and settling in the system. This constant flow allows hygiene to be kept to the highest standard. Fresh water flush is minimised using this design.