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FMSA Spraying Retrofit Services

Boost productivity, minimise downtime and realise greater cost efficiency with FMSA’s Range Air Spraying Systems, available for brand new installation and sprayer retrofit in Western Australia. 

What gives our sprayers industry-leading performance?

We’re dedicated to offering industry-leading liquid delivery systems for Australian farmers, with outstanding service and support offerings across all our products and services. By utilising our in-depth knowledge and investing in research and development, we stand above every other agricultural company in WA.

Using the highest quality components, expert knowledge and advanced digital design techniques, FMSA offers the most effective liquid delivery systems in Australia.

Spraying Retrofit

Boom Recirculation Systems (BRS)

Experience smooth and hassle-free spraying with a FMSA boom recirculation system retrofit.

The BRS allows the boom to be plumbed in a single boom line recirculation configuration. This means when the master switch (dump valve) is switched in the OFF position, the flow continues to travel through the boom and back to the tank.

The BRS prevents heavy particles from settling in the boom line. How is this accomplished? By allowing the full flow of the pump to return to the tank when not spraying, a BRS helps to prevent possible contamination.

BRS also helps keep the chemicals agitated and the boom primed to recommence spraying in the current field or begin another spray job in a new field.


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Spraying Retrofit

Range Air: Section & Tier Control

Our Range Air Spray Systems offer a range of innovative functions & features:

Available as a complete rate control package including ECUs from Topcon, Raven or Arag, or integrate as a stand-alone system utilising line controllers and WIFI wireless functionality to create a bolt-on package. Range Air sprayer systems offer state-of-the-art connectivity, including wireless run screen, settings, section and tier operation controlled via iOS or Android devices.

Spraying Retrofit

3 Tier System (3TS)

A Three Tier System provides three different nozzle configurations. Implementing a variety of nozzles gives operators more flexibility and versatility, allowing for a broader range of applications. It’s all part of our commitment to offering innovative knowledge-based solutions, designed for the demands of Australian agriculture.

How does a tiered nozzle system offer superior spraying performance? Take the example of a typical 3 Tier System at 250mm spacing.

First Tier: As acceleration starts, 01 nozzles activate and operate from 8 to 12 km/h
Second Tier: As acceleration increases, 01 nozzles turn OFF at approx. 12km/h, 015 nozzles turn ON and spray up to 15km/h

Third Tier: As acceleration increases from 15km/h to 25km/h, 01 + 015 nozzles will be spraying (01 + 015 = 025)

With a range of nozzle spacings available, FMSA has the right equipment to optimise your spraying rig.

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Spraying Retrofit

SeleJET Nozzle Actuators

The SeleJET is an Air Operated Nozzle Shut Off Valve for each nozzle and can be configured in sections and/or as a 3-Tier System.

Choose from our versatile range to suit all spraying setups including:

Spraying Retrofit

Highest Standard of Industry Expertise

Expert in industry knowledge

With all of the options on the market, it can be overwhelming to make a buying decision or determine what products will best suit an operation. With cover 25 years of collective expertise in application and precision technology, FMSA can help point you in the right direction.

Digital 3D design technology

FMSA product designs are all created using the latest 3D design software. This technology enables our products to be tailored to the mass but unique needs of the agricultural industry. We integrate the latest innovations during the design process, ensuring we create the most up-to-date and functional liquid delivery systems.

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Spraying Retrofit

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For the highest quality sprayer retrofits in Western Australia, you need to talk to the experts at Furrow Management Systems Australia. We also offer installation services for new spraying rigs and all of our premium spraying system components, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition.

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