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About Custom Liquid Delivery Systems

Custom Liquid Delivery Systems Designed in Western Australia

Furrow MSA specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of custom liquid systems, all designed and constructed here in Western Australia. Our signature Friction Flow™ back end systems and components provide industry-leading performance to furrow inject liquid fertiliser, trace elements, inoculants, fungicides, soil wetters and other fluid products at seeding time.

If you know what you want to achieve, the experts at Furrow Management Systems Australia are here to make it happen. Our expert team brings together an extensive collection of skills under the one roof, ensuring your new liquid delivery system is optimised for your unique needs.

We’re also dedicated to offering industry-leading liquid delivery systems for Australian farmers, with outstanding service and support offerings. By utilising our in-depth knowledge and investing in research and development, we stand above every other agricultural company in WA.

Using the highest quality components, expert knowledge and advanced digital design techniques, FMSA offers the most exceptional custom liquid delivery systems in Australia.


Australia’s Best Custom Liquid Systems

Furrow Management Systems Australia designs precise liquid injection solutions for Australian conditions. Each complete back end system and liquid kit is crafted for accuracy, functionality, robustness and ease of use.

Furrow MSA’s custom liquid delivery systems are Variable Rate and Section Control ready and can be integrated into new or existing seeding systems. All Friction Flow™ kits and components are easily adaptable to existing liquid kits to boost productivity and cost-efficiency.

Furrow Management Systems Australia’s state-of-the-art agricultural products are configured not only to achieve effective liquid delivery for seeder bars, planters and tool bars, but also to optimise the performance of every element in the system. The in-furrow application equipment from Furrow MSA helps farmers increase soil productivity, boost yields and save on inputs to maximise profits.

All FMSA liquid delivery components can be integrated into existing or new seeding systems and are compatible with Friction Flow™ tubing. We make it simple to add features later down the track, ensuring our products work for any level of operation and grow with the needs of our clients without unnecessary expenses.

Compatible with an enormous range of Precision Ag consoles, Furrow Management Systems’ liquid systems deliver industry-leading precision and performance.


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Features & Benefits of Furrow Custom Liquid Delivery Systems


Exceptional Quality



Highest Standard of Industry Knowledge & Design Technology

Expert in industry knowledge

With all of the options on the market, it can be overwhelming to make a buying decision or understand which products will best suit an operation. With combined industry experience of over 25 years in application and precision technology, FMSA can help point you in the right direction.

Digital 3D design technology

FMSA designs are all done using the latest 3D design software, allowing our products to be tailored to the agricultural industry’s mass but unique needs. Using this software enables us to design our equipment and customise our liquid injection systems to integrate the latest features on the market.


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