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We know that converting a farm to a liquid system is a major step. Finding a liquid system that delivers your chosen products is an integral part of that. Our systems work with a large range of liquid products, including the popular ones listed below. Can’t see what you are are looking for? Just let us know using the form at the bottom of the page.

Some of the more popular products used in our systems include:

  • UAN/Flexi-N. A liquid nitrogen fertiliser providing an even and accurate application of nitrogen, sulfur and potassium.
  • SE-14. A unique formulation of surfactants and retention agents designed to hold moisture and nutrients in the seeding furrow.
  • SOAK-N-WET. This is an non-ionic soil retention and wetting retention aid. Excellent in all soils including hydrophobic.
  • Liquid Limes. Highly concentrated lime solutions that are able to change soil pH faster than conventional ag lime.
  • Liquid Gypsum. A soil conditioner developed to improve soil sodium and salt problems and compacted soils, soggy soils and water drainage problems.
  • Worm Tea. An all natural liquid fertiliser that is made from worm manure in water – allows nutrients to be released back into the soil.

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What Our Clients Say

Jason and the team are very professional. Always go out of there way to keep you moving.

James Mitchell

We have crew stay with us from Furrow Management Systems Australia from time to time. They are always clean, courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Wheatland Motel Dalwallinu

Excellent service and product range.

Dennis Turner