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Furrow liquid delivery systems are the easy option.

How we make it easier for you:

A huge range of options.

  • We stock and sell the whole system, from control boxes to back end delivery systems. We can design your whole system or supply the part you need.
  • We have a range of kits with different functionality, from affordable entry level to premium market leading solutions.

Custom designed specifically to suit your needs.

  • We’ll design your solution based on an easy questionnaire with six questions.
  • Once approved and manufactured, the installation process couldn’t be simpler, with individual instructions you’ll be done in 20 minutes.

Market leading functionality built to make your life easier.

  • An extremely wide range of flow rates.
  • Rapidly move between application rates and programs.
  • Execute more accurate product delivery.
  • Dedicated agitation so the product does not settle.

Endurance systems that are designed keep you working.

  • Friction Flow™ Tubing is ultra hardwearing so no kinks or flat spots to stop you working.
  • Direct regulation in cabinet makes for easier usage, safety and maintenance.
  • Customised manifolds to prevent blocking.

Modular designs for maximum adaptability and flexibility.

  • Easy to work on.
  • Easy to expand.
  • Fewer potential points of failure.
  • Easy to service.
  • Have great aesthetics and are clean and tidy.

We back this up with the first class customer service you would expect from a specialist business committed to creating better solutions for farmers to deliver their liquids into the ground.

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Furrow liquid delivery systems are the easy option:

  • Save time and money by keeping you working.
  • Provide the in-field functionality you need.
  • Seamlessly integrate into everything you do.
  • Are easy to service and expand.
  • Affordable solution.
What Our Clients Say

Jason and the team are very professional. Always go out of there way to keep you moving.

James Mitchell

We have crew stay with us from Furrow Management Systems Australia from time to time. They are always clean, courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Wheatland Motel Dalwallinu

Excellent service and product range.

Dennis Turner

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