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Settling for a one size fits all package has frustrating and compromising limitations that won’t help you deliver your liquids to the soil.

That’s why Furrow provide customized, easy to use liquid delivery solutions for any budget.

What We Provide:

  • Solutions built for you and your budget.
  • Better functionality
  • Seamless user experience
  • Easy to service and expand

That Means You:

  • Save time and money by keeping working!
  • Can integrate our system easily with everything you do.

Our customised design system is an important part of delivering an easy to use system, but so too is our quality componentry.

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Smart Design and Quality Componentry Keeps You Working

Friction Flow Tubing

  • Made from a specially formulated material, our Friction Flow tubing is ultra hardwearing. This means no kinks and flattened tubing to stop you spraying.

Direct Regulation in Cabinet

  • Rate Adjustability – extremely wide range of flow rates covered in one system.
  • Rate Control – extremely responsive and controlled rate control. Keep moving.
  • Dedicated Agitation – Dedicated agitation so the product does not settle
  • Isolate Main Tank Function – prevents dilution of main tank mix during flushing or maintenance.
  • Purge to Ground – rapidly clean and change product mixtures.
  • Manual Run – run from the unit without returning to cab. Great for cleaning and maintenance.

Less points of failure

  • Our systems are designed to use less joiners, which means there are less things to go wrong or that can break.

Hypro pumps

  • Extremely long lasting and easy to fix if required.
  • They have a higher capacity and are much smaller to store.


  • We tailor modular manifolds to each kit, removing manifolds that are not needed so there are no dead spots and they cannot block.
  • Our manifolds have non drip caps to ensure no chemicals leak.
  • Our workable designs mean all manifolds sit together and are easy to service.

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What Our Clients Say

Jason and the team are very professional. Always go out of there way to keep you moving.

James Mitchell

We have crew stay with us from Furrow Management Systems Australia from time to time. They are always clean, courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Wheatland Motel Dalwallinu

Excellent service and product range.

Dennis Turner